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My crypto art works take technology, weave it with beauty, drape philosophy in romance to present a whole image of something new and incredible.

Blockchain community loves it!

Crypto art exhibition at Blockchain Futurist Conference 2019

Canada’s Largest Blockchain Conference Futurist Conference is the largest and most high profile blockchain event in Canada. It brings together…


After 10 years of evolution, hacks, scams, civil war and breakthroughs, it’s time to think about where Bitcoin will go…

Supporting Women in Tech at Cryptochicks Conference in Toronto

My fine crypto art works “The Three cryptoGraces” and “ethEra and U” were welcoming amazing crowd at the Cryptochisks Conference and…

“Blockchain Island M” was auctioned for CAD $12,000

“A rousing auction brought the evening to a close with a fierce bidding war with bidders including Brock Pierce, Andy Jones,…


My works at #DArtShows at #HKBlockchainWeek!

Featured at TheNextWeb

Meet the lawyer-turned-artist behind classical cryptocurrency paintings. Street art, graffitti, and memes are quite common, but the words cryptocurrency and fine…

ethEra visited Malta Blockchain Summit

A Buzzing Show on Blockchain Island! Malta, with its new regulatory framework, is leading the pack. The Malta Blockchain Summit…

Miner at r/bitcoin/

Monday art – Miner – by Nelly Baksht from Bitcoin

ethEra at Blockchain Futurist Conference

The 2-day conference is located in Toronto Canada, the birthplace of ethereum and home to thousands of blockchain enthusiasts and…

ethEra at Cryptochicks Hackathon

Blockchain Hackathon and Conference are sponsored by Microsoft, IBM, RBC, Deloitte, BlockGeeks, Polychain Capital, CoinSquare, Pixel Dreams, MaRS and other…

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The story of Bitcoin creation is full of mystery. The idea behind this painting is to show the complex mix of emotions of the Bitcoin very first miner - Satoshi. Those "mysterious" numbers and symbols, in fact, represent the hash of Bitcoin genesis block, and code fragments by SN from BTC 2009 repository.