My crypto art works take technology, weave it with beauty, drape philosophy in romance to present a whole image of something new and incredible.

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Validator – Fine Crypto art

Validator – Fine Crypto art

Original was auctioned at ETHWaterloo 2019
  • Print on canvas 24"x30"
  • The number of prints is limited by 16.
  • Each limited edition Giclee is hand embellished by the artist, making it one of a kind artwork
  • Each fine art limited edition is signed by the artist, certifying their inspection and approval, then numbered.


The story of Bitcoin creation is full of mystery. The idea behind this painting is to show the complex mix of emotions of the Bitcoin very first miner - Satoshi. Those "mysterious" numbers and symbols, in fact, represent the hash of Bitcoin genesis block, and code fragments by SN from BTC 2009 repository.