Nelly Baksht, artist

Nelly Baksht


Working in studio

“Painting must be set above all other arts, because it contains all the forms which exist and also those which are not in nature… by it the beauties are preserved which time, and nature the mother, render fitful.”
– Leonardo da Vinci.

Seventeen years. That’s a long time in someone’s life.

For Nelly, she spent that period of her life from painting her first brush strokes in elementary school, to becoming a lawyer and then going back to her love of art to founding a successful career as a sought-after painter creating art for private collections around the world.

After graduating from Tomsk University in Russia, Nelly was a successful corporate lawyer for many years … but still recalled her creative aspirations as a kid studying at the Youth Art School in Tomsk, an intensive eight-year program.

So, she left her law practice to follow her dream – and in 2008 she graduated from art college with a degree in Graphic Design.

Nelly currently lives in Toronto. She continues training and self-improvement in her creative vision every day.

Referring to traditional classic art techniques as well as modern trends, Nelly creates bright and positive paintings.

Her works can be found at private collection in Europe, the Middle East, the U.S. and Canada.